About us

A lot of purchased reviews increase the rating of the company and inspire potential consumers with confidence in it. OhMyReviews.com will help you find out the real truth about products and services. No bills or fake reviews.

About us

OhMyReviews.com is an independent online review portal for authentic reviews. It has been active since 2010 and at the moment has won the title of one of the most popular information resources.
For more than a decade, the sites employees have been actively expanding the database. On the portal you can read reliable opinions about the most popular products in search engines:

  • drugs;
  • perfumes and cosmetics;
  • household appliances and electronics;
  • clothes and accessories

Also on OhMyReviews.com you can learn about well-known companies, pharmacy chains, online stores, various services provided online and offline.
Do you want to get a job in a popular retail chain or buy new expensive equipment? Did you prescribe an unknown drug at the clinic or decide to purchase goods in an online store, but doubt the safety of the transaction? Go to OhMyReviews.com, read dozens of reviews and form your own opinion.
Portal OhMyReviews.com is interested in truthful assessment of products, companies and services. To prevent the left, false comments from penetrating the site, round-the-clock moderation is provided. This is a reliable protection against intentional rating cheating or, on the contrary, its decrease.

Company mission

The goal of OhMyReviews.com is to reveal the truth compiled by public opinion about organizations, services and products. Thanks to real reviews, you can check the reputation of a particular company, learn about the quality of things. And also warn yourself against scammers, relying on other peoples mistakes.
OhMyReviews.com is an open structure for users. Each user can:

  • tell about your personal experience;
  • share problems;
  • draw attention to questionable situations.

To strengthen the reliability of the review, the site provides for the placement of photos and videos. This allows you to reveal the essence of the story in as much detail as possible, and also significantly increases the credibility of the users comment.
OhMyReviews.com receives over 1,000 new reviews every day. Based on them, a rating scale and an assessment of quality, reliability, and safety are compiled.The active life of the site will help you find information about almost any type of product and numerous companies, brands, organizations. After all, the main mission of the information portal is to reveal the truth and let it out to the masses.
Despite the popularity of the service, it does not stand on its laurels, but continues to modernize. We regularly monitor new items on the Internet. And we take into account the interests of users for a given period of time. This allows you to replenish the review site with the most relevant information.


The OhMyReviews.com site directly cooperates with the official representatives of the companies, brands, and medical institutions discussed on our portal. They carefully monitor the reputation and evaluation of the quality of their work by users. In the event of a disputable or conflict situation, they immediately get in touch, helping to eliminate the problem in a short time. Full trust and transparency of communication!
Our service provides not only introductory information, but also makes it possible to share a story about your experience, to personally communicate with a representative of the company or firm discussed in the comment. Make the right choice with OhMyReviews.com and honest reviews!